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Code nb001
Note A,B,C,D,E,F,G
Weight 7-13 KG standard
Diameter 17cm- 30cm standard
Size ---
Frequency variable: normal standard 440HZ
Price 800$

new handmade bowls for begineers.

cheaper, reliable, top professional quality

Other Details:

a set of these bowls cost 800$= 7pcs= 12kg

individual pcs purchase of these bowls are also possible.

shipping/courier/cargo is inclusive in price for any part of the world.

before purchase sending of materials via email like pictures, audio or videos are also possible. 

provided with guarantee of 3 months but conditions are applied

this set is useful for therapy, meditation, music, trade

classified as top quality for begineers to save lots of money.

to order email at our email address