Name: Santa Ratna Shakya
DOB: June 1967
Status: Married
Profession: Singing bowl specialist, professional therapist, musician, artist, businessman, Tourism activist
Franchise: Himalayan singing bowl centre

Mr. Santa Ratna Shakya has been active in tourism sector from his early teen days. The early and only professional singing bowl healer from Nepal.
He is third generation artist who has expertise himself into fields of singing bowls and handicrafts
Mr. Shakya is internationally known name for singing bowl workshops, treatments, therapy, healing and music.

Nearly 30 years ago, Mr. shakya introduced a global phenomena franchise "Himalayan Singing Bowl Centre"

Since mid 90's after nearly half a decade of hardwork finally singing bowl was in its roll to be a global phenomena 
During these days Mr. Santa started touring and providing workshops around various asian countries like Singapore, China, Pakistan, Malaysia, Thailand, India etc.

First audio album, "Open Mind" soon launched him as an artist on international stage. Till date 8 albums are by his name. Clear light, The path, Dhyana, Open Mind, Vision of Third Eyes being mass favourite.

By the time of late 90's and early 21st century he started touring European nations, America and continued his asian tours.
Within Next few years he had thousands of students around the globe.

Soon he launched his production into larger scale and started to do manufacturing, healing, therapies, workshops, wholesale, retail and export all around the globe 
locating from heart of boudha stupa, kathmandu, nepal.

manufacturing: Harati Singing Bowl Centre, Shankhamul, Lalitpur, Nepal.
Showroom: (wholesale and retail) Himalayan Singing Bowl Centre, Boudha stupa, Kathmandu, Nepal including exports also.
Albums: 8 albums and guest appearance in some famous well renouned albums. For detail info check out our music section for some additional mind blowing music from various other artists from Nepal.

Being third generation artist with experience of traveling and spreading the knowledge of singing bowls around 2/3 part of the world is now actively participating from manufacturing to exporting of bowls as well as in various social activities. 

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